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The Science Source develops and manufactures science and technology teaching materials, producing 800 products that enhance teaching physics, physical science, biology, chemistry, environmental science, health, and design technology.  Used in college and university labs and K-12 classrooms across the United States, science museums, and in overseas institutions, The Science Source supports numerous science and technology curricula while its products are used to meet many of the state and national science and technology standards.

Founded in 1986, The Science Source’s product line originally focused on physics and physical science products for PSSC, Project Physics, and IPS curricula. The Science Source later acquired STACO for biology models, and DAEDALON and BECK for high end physics apparatus.  The Science Source also offers select products from Germany’s PHYWE to further complement its high end physics line.   The Science Source’s LINX brand teaches problem solving with the use of real tools in constructing solutions to design challenges. Through internal product development, materials developed by teachers, and via partnerships in the informal science market, the original SCIENCE SOURCE brand has also expanded.